Son spearheads search for missing former OSU professor

In Stillwater and across the country, the search is on for a missing former associate professor. Family and friends say no one has heard from Marc Krein in months."He hasn't contacted a soul so we're lost," said Marc's son, Philip Krein, who is spearheading the search for his father.Philip wants answers. He says the last known conversation his dad had with anyone was March 7."After his brother died he just fell off the face of the earth," Philip said.Family members contacted the cops a few times but the missing person report wasn't filed until Wednesday.It shows Krein had been hospitalized and may have issues with alcohol. Friends say after his hospitalization he was in very poor health and went to Vegas to get away.But it's been several months since then. "He's not the type of person to just cut everybody out of his life," Philip said.His father's car is missing and Philip believes his cell phone was stolen. He says other people kept answering it then hanging up. Finally someone answered who said he bought it from another person and gave them a lead of a possible Vegas apartment to search.Stillwater Police say they are following a few leads as well. No officers wanted to speak to FOX 25 but they did post a missing person flyer to their Facebook page, asking anyone with information to call"We're sad and just wish there was something we could do to help," said friend and former colleague Jack Hodgson.Although Krein left the OSU sports media program last year, former colleagues are following any news about him they can get. "He's a very talented man and he belongs in the classroom sharing that with his students," Hodgson said.They learned of his disappearance through Philip's dozens of Facebook posts. And the determined son says he plans to continue his social media blitz until he gets his answers."We just want to find him and make sure he's okay," Philip said.As of this week police in Stillwater and Las Vegas are searching for Krein, along with a non-profit search and rescue group in the Vegas area. If you have any information contact Stillwater Police at (405) 372-4171.