Social media outrage over Facebook Messenger App

There is outrage on social media over Facebook's messenger app. Some users say the app is asking them to sacrifice too much of their privacy.Facebook is in the process of switching all friend messaging to its messenger app. Many who haven't used the app before say Facebook should keep messaging within the current app."People are on a rampage," said social media expert Patrick Allmond. "They're saying they're not going to instant message anymore through Facebook because they just do not trust it."IPhone users won't notice it, but Android users will encounter a message when they download Facebook Messenger. The message asks for permission to access your contacts, location, text messages and phone to directly call phone numbers."Some people are assuming that the app is going to indiscriminately access those features and turn them on when you're not listening. So they might be able to sneak in on your conversations," said Allmond.Allmond says he doesn't think that will be the case at all. He says Facebook will not be accessing anything when you're not looking. Many who have switched to the messenger app say it's not doing anything Facebook wasn't doing already."I really don't have a problem with it. I've already been using it so it's no big deal to me," said one IPhone user."We've been starting this trend of sacrificing some privacy for features, if you will," Allmond said.Sacrificing access to our lives in exchange for a free service, now seems to be the norm."They'll get over it. Just like anything else that's happened they'll get over it," one IPhone user said.Patrick Allmond says the reason IPhone users won't see that list of permissions is because you gave your phone permission to access those things when you first set it up. He says all access is the way apps are going and companies will just keep ppushingthe line until users start pushing back.