'Skype bomb' takes over Zimmerman murder trial

It's the most famous murder trial in years but on Wednesday, the George Zimmerman trial took on another aspect as a witness, testifying via Skype, was hit by pranksters.

Scott Pleasants, a criminal justice professor at Seminole State College, was testifying Wednesday from Colorado about Zimmerman taking a criminal investigation course when he was hit with a "Skype bomb"

Pleasants was testifying from Colorado. After being sworn in, spelling his name and starting his testimony, Skype users picked up his screen name which was clearly visible on the televised interview. That's when the barrage began.

A steady stream of incoming call boxes began popping up on the screen. The boxes also came with an alert noise, telling everyone that he received a call. As more people piled on the Skype bomb, four boxes covered Pleasants' face.

Pleasants continued to decline the calls and Judge Debra Nelson stepped in, ordering lawyers to hang up the call.

After the Skype bomb, Pleasants continued his testimony via cell phone.