Sixth baby killed in recalled Nap Nanny, according to CPSC

A sixth baby death in the recalled Nap Nanny infant recliner has been reported, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced. Five infants have died by falling or hanging over the side of a nap nanny placed in a crib, two of which were secured by a belt, while the sixth died in a Nap Nanny placed on the floor. "Our Safe to Sleep experts urge all parents and caregivers who own a Nap Nanny or Nap Nanny Chill recliner to stop using it immediately," CPSC said. "We do not want any other family to suffer the loss of their child or experience serious injury to their child." CPSC is warning parents to stop using these infant recliners because deaths occurred in two ways: -The baby partly falls or hangs over the side of a Nap Nanny and gets trapped between the product and crib bumpers -The baby suffocates on the inside of the Nap Nanny The latest death, of an 8-month-old girl, occurred in Hopatcong, N.J. Deaths have happened in both the Generation 2 (Gen 2) and Chill models of the Nap Nanny. Though Nap Nanny recliners should no longer be sold in stores, CPSC notes that some are still being purchased at yard sales, as a hand-me-down gifts or on an online auction site. It is illegal to sell or resell the product. The manufacturer, Baby Matters LLC, is no longer in business and is not accepting returns.