Sisters fight off carjacking attempt in Shawnee grocery store parking lot

Police in Shawnee say a would-be carjacker picked the wrong woman to mess with. She fought back and now the suspect is behind bars. But it's the item she fought back with, that has even police surprised."All the officers are going, 'Heck yeah! That's awesome'," said Shawnee Police Sgt. Dan Shumaker.Sgt. Shumaker says he doesn't hear these types of stories very often, and now it's the talk of the police department. It all happened on Monday afternoon in the parking lot of the Homeland store on N. Harrison in Shawnee."There's nobody gonna take my car. I don't care who you are," said Shawnee resident Toni Jones.Jones and her sister had just loaded their groceries into the car when a would-be carjacker attacked."He comes around the front and reaches over and grabs my shirt and yanks me," Jones said.Instead of letting the suspect, who police say is Daniel Dodson, get away with it, Jones fought back."I grab him and I slam him and tell him, 'Oh hell no. You're not getting into my car'."Jones said she started yelling for help and a man responded, holding the suspect while Jones reached inside her car for a family heirloom."I reach in my car and I grab my handcuffs and I said you are under a citizen's arrest," Jones said.The handcuffs that hang from her rearview mirror belonged to her late stepfather, a former Deputy Sheriff of Oklahoma County. She says they remind her everyday of her strength. Jones never imagined she'd use them."God is my protector, but those are my back up and I'll use them in a heartbeat. And I'm not afraid.""In this situation there's no way you can argue with this. This lady wasn't going to take no for an answer," said Sgt. Shumaker.Police say Jones was fully within the law to make the citizen's arrest. Given Dodson's record, police say he could be in jail for a while. Now all that's left to figure out is the mystery man who stepped in to help."I'd like to thank him. Thank you for helping me and stepping up," said Jones."So if he comes forward and hits me up my name is Dan Shumaker. I'd like to buy him a cup of coffee."Shawnee Police say the suspect has an extensive felony record. Jones hopes her story inspires women to stand up for themselves and refuse to be the victim.
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