Sign connects Obamacare to slavery, sparks controversy

A restaurant in Rogers, Arkansas put up this sign comparing Obamacare to slavery.

Between the Affordable Care Act, Government shutdown and the debt ceiling looming, opinions and frustrations are running high and that led an Arkansas businessman to post his controversial thoughts on his company's sign.

"Usually we advertise carry-out specials or 'Go Hogs' or something pertaining strictly to the restaurant," Howard said.

That wasn't the case Friday night, according to Fayetteville's KNWA.

Johnny Howard, owner of Smokin' Joe's in Rogers, Arkansas, shared his political opinion on the business marquee.

It read, "Obamacare America's Punishment For Slavery Years."

"I apologize for anyone who is offended by the sign, I took it down within 45 minutes at the first complaint that I got," he said.

Howard assures the meaning behind the message runs deeper.

"History's told us when we sit idly by, and don't do anything, bad things happen to good people. To me I was comparing that to the people that are just not speaking up enough about this Affordable Care Act."

Howard said he'll need to close one of his restaurants so he can afford to stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

However many people on social media did not agree with how he went about voicing his opinion.

Though Howard does not want to offend people, he claims there was reasoning behind his words.

"I still stand by the fact that this Obamacare is not healthy for small business and it's not going to be healthy for this country, and people will eventually see that if it goes through, if something is not done to change the current policy."

Howard said he does not plan to ever post anything politically driven again at his restaurants.

Watch the entire video here.