Shop till you drop for after Christmas deals

If you were willing to brave the crowds and deal with parking issues, there were great after Christmas deals to be had on Thursday. Places like Penn Square Mall and the Outlet Shoppes had a constant stream of shoppers all day long.

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, post-Christmas. Penn Square Mall spokesperson Jill Merritt says next to Black Friday, the day after Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days.

With cash, gift cards, and coupons burning holes in shopper's pockets, who could resist?

"It's like your own Christmas," said Keegan Braudrick. "You get to go out and buy things or you get to return things and pick out your own presents."

Shoppers across the Metro just couldn't let those great deals go to waste.

"I got $10 off my pants and $5 off my shoes. So I'm just saving cash out here," said one shopper.

At Penn Square Mall officials were prepared for the crowds and offered valet parking and held onto extra security.

"We have a great relationship with the Oklahoma City Police Department so we've had them throughout the holiday season," said Merritt.

The open atmosphere of the Outlet Shoppes was a huge draw for shoppers looking to get some sunshine with their shopping.

"You've stayed inside all day Christmas day and people just need to get out and enjoy the weather."

Whether it was for the fresh air, returning gifts that weren't quite right, or scoring a gift you didn't get, the day after the big day proved to be just as exciting.

"I think we're just not ready for it to be over. We've shopped for months and nobody's ready for it to be over."

Penn Square Mall is back to regular operating hours now, but will have reduced hours on New Years Eve and New Years Day.