Sheriff's Office: Union City police officer stole gun from fellow officer, sold to felon

A scandal shakes up a small town west of the Metro.

The Canadian County Sheriff's Officers arrested Union City police officer Scottie Brothers Tuesday for allegedly stealing a personal gun from a fellow officer and selling it to a convicted felon.
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"It's pretty disloyal for a cop to do that. I didn't think he would do something like that," said resident Jacob Miller who knows both officers. He says in a small town like Union City, everybody knows everybody.
The population is just more than 1,500 people. And when the un-named felon had a problem working the gun, he called an acquaintance, Officer Bill Ingram for help.
The only problem: Ingram was the gun's rightful owner.
"During the course of their conversation as the individual described the gun, Mr. Ingram began to realize that this was one of his guns that was missing," said Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West at a press conference Wednesday.
Sheriff's investigators say Ingram asked Brothers to house-sit when he and his family went out of town. When he returned he realized a few of his guns were missing. But until the phone call from the felon, he thought they would turn up around the house.
The affidavit was filed in Oklahoma County. That's where investigators say the sale of the gun took place. The statute of limitations had run out for the theft that occurred in Canadian County by the time Ingram spoke with investigators.
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The affidavit states that after he realized the gun belonged to him, Ingram worked with the felon to record private conversations with Brothers about the crime.
It also shows investigators interviewed Brothers, who told them he knew the man was a convicted felon.
"On several different occasions he (Ingram) had tried to take these to his Chief at Union City P.D. and was met with resistance," West said.
Union City Council Member Larry Maples attended the conference to hear the charges.
"I had no idea what I would hear today," he said.
He says after hearing what investigators say happened, he's concerned with where this leaves the city.
"From a council standpoint I'm sure it'll be an issue that we'll have to deal with," he said.
Right now Brothers is suspended without pay and Ingram has left for another department.
Miller believes this scandal is what drove Ingram away from Union City.
"It's probably one of the reasons he's leaving town now," he said.
Now the city only has two full-time officers. And a big mess to clean up with one of their own behind bars.
"I'm sad for our town to have to go through something like this," Maples said.
Brother was booked into Canadian County jail Tuesday. He was transferred Wednesday afternoon to Oklahoma County Jail to face the charges against him: Possession of Stolen Property and Giving a Firearm to a Convicted Person.
On Wednesday Captain Robert Ague with the Union City Police Dept. released the following statement about the department's involvement in the case:
"The officer has been suspended without pay until further notice. The department was aware of the allegations made against the officer. The alleged victim never filed an official complaint with this department. The police department was advised by legal counsel that a written complaint had to be filed. The police department was then going to turn the investigation over to Canadian County Sheriff's Office. The Union City Police Department has the utmost confidence in the justice system and believes the facts will be presented in court. The Union City Police Department is dedicated to serving our community with pride and will continue to do so."