Sheriff: body of man reported missing in snowstorm found

The Grady County Sheriff announced Monday they've found the body of a man who disappeared during a snowstorm ten days ago.

The sheriff says they found the identification and clothes of Christopher Lane about 20 feet from his body. The sheriff says his father came out and said it was home but the medical examiner has not confirmed his identity.

The department says 32-year-old Christopher Odell Lane was last seen walking in Tuttle off Frisco Road and Rock Creek Road around 3:00 AM on December 7. According to the sheriff's report, on December 8, they were called to the home in the Tuttle area.

His mother said that Lane had called or left text messages with family members saying he was 'going to end his life', according to the report.

According to the sheriff, his body was about a mile from his house and his body was covered in snow. The sheriff says they are unsure if he was under the influence of drugs or medication. They say he had scratches on his body but believe that was from going through fences and brush and do not suspect foul play.

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