Several large fires flare up across Oklahoma

Storm chaser Shane Helton took this picture of the fire east of Woodward near Quinlan and Mooreland.

As fire crews respond and work to put out a fire in central Oklahoma, fire crews across the state were racing to extinguish large fires of their own.The Woodward County Emergency Management and Woodward Firefighters are battling a large blaze that's two miles wide and eight miles long.The fire is east of Woodward near Highway 412. This fire flared up on Sunday as well. Woods, Alfalfa and Beaver County departments are all responding to put out the fire. Altus Emergency Management says crews are also fighting a fire in their area. The fire flared up Sunday as well and scorched about 700 acres.Up near Tulsa, the Pawnee County Emergency Management says a large wildfire flared up there as well. According to officials in the county, it burned 400 to 600 acres west of Keystone Lake.