Senate passes bill to ensure military pay in event of shutdown

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As the pending shutdown looms, the U.S. Senate and house are able to agree on at least one thing: paying the men and women who defend the nation.

The Senate passed House Resolution 3210, or the "Pay Our Military Act" Monday afternoon to ensure the military is paid in the event of a shutdown.

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) released this statement after the resolution was passed:

"I applaud the Senate for passing legislation this afternoon to ensure our military is paid in the event of a government shutdown. Our nation's military should not suffer for Congress' inability to pass a budget that represents the demands of the American people. Our men and women in uniform make extraordinary sacrifices for our safety and security, and they deserve our respect. The President's sequestration has already resulted in unnecessary furloughs and uncertainty this year for our military. I urge the President to quickly sign this common-sense, bipartisan bill into law in order to stop further interruptions in the invaluable services our military provides to keep us safe."