Seminole County woman sentenced on 63 animal cruelty charges

A woman arrested last spring on dozens of animal cruelty charges was ordered to serve eight years behind bars.

Carolyn Vaughan, 38, was arrested in April 2013 on 64 complaints of animal cruelty. In December 2013, she entered and "Alford" plea which is treated the same as a guilty plea in court but the defendant does not admit guilt.

On Monday, a Seminole County judge sentenced her to eight years behind bars and seven years on probation. She also owes more than $14,000 in court fees.

Vaughn was booked into the Seminole County jail April 6, 2013 on complaints of animal cruelty and not disposing of animal carcasses correctly. Deputies say she told them she was operating an animal rescue.

Investigators say they found 20 to 30 horse carcasses on her farm, along with 64 other horses in poor medical condition. Rescuers also seized pigs, dogs, goats and other exotic animal from the farm on Saturday.

Vaughn was convicted of animal cruelty in the past, in a puppy mill case out of Nowata County in June 2010.