Search for armed robbery suspect

A woman is robbed at gunpoint on NW Expressway near MacArthur. Now police need the public's help tracking down the suspect. Police say the robbery happened last week in the Express Center plaza next to On-Cue on NW Expressway. The victim, who works at Geico, says she had stepped outside to make a phone call when a man snuck up behind her and put a gun to her face. The victim, named Doren, says she's only been working in the plaza for two weeks and can't believe she's already come face to face with death. "He could have pulled the trigger and took everything but I got lucky and he didn't," she said. Doren says she was making a personal phone call on her afternoon lunch break last week when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to a gun in her face. "The guy screamed at me to give him my purse and then he also, which was really weird, asked me how much money was in my purse," Doren said. Doren says she quickly gave the man her purse and just as quickly he ran away. "I way hyperventilating so my first instinct was just to get to somebody." After running back inside her office to call 911, she went two doors down to a security shop where police say they caught the suspect on camera. Chief Security store manager Able Blaker says police came into his store after the robbery and they found the video. "When we looked at the video, sure enough, you can see him and he looks right at our cameras." Doren says it is very ironic that the suspect did this in a security store parking lot with cameras in front, but she's hoping those cameras lead to arrest. "I would really like him to be behind bars. I mean, I think that's the best place for him," she said. Doren says she had some very sentimental items in her purse, but she's glad she just did what the suspect asked. "Because I didn't want to get shot," she said. "I knew it was a real gun and it was so easy. He could have pulled the trigger, and his finger was on it, and I figured if I said now that that was it. I was done." Oklahoma City Police say Doren did the right thing. They always encourage people to comply with the demands of a gunman. Police say you're more likely to survive the encounter if you do. If you recognize the suspect or have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300.