Santa in YouTube video says global warming will cancel Christmas

A dramatic video posted by the environmental group Greenpeace is getting attention for the dramatic portrayal of global warming.

The video features Santa Claus, played by Downton Abbey's Jim Carter, a 30 year member of the group, as a disheveled and depressed Santa throwing out threats. He says if the ice doesn't stop melting at the North Pole due to global warming, "there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas".

He says he's written to President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin and all he's gotten is indifference, so they're now at the top his "naughty list".

Critics say Santa has missed his target, saying ice has actually increased in the past year and Santa should be "celebrating the return of the ice!" But those who believe in global warming say the long term trend is towards a steep decline in arctic ice.

The video provoked critical comments on YouTube like this one: "hope that you are proud of yourselves green piece (sic) for scaring innocent children with your bully boy tactics as usual."

Watch the full video here.

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