Safest OK cities named, Yukon takes top spot

A new top ten list shows the safest places to live in Oklahoma. Online real estate firm Movoto made the list by analyzing crime statistics from Oklahoma cities with more than 10,000 people. It weighted serious and violent crimes more heavily. And the top ten list includes four cities around the Metro.

Guthrie came in at number six. Movoto staff writer Natalie Grigson writes the city had "just 3,171 crimes per 100,000 people in 2012, the most recent year when data are available. Of those crimes, there were 3,017 property crimes and just 154 violent crimes, ranking it sixth in this category. Those violent crimes included 19 robberies, 29 rapes, 106 assaults, and no murders per 100,000."

The territorial capital of Oklahoma, it's a city where residents proudly mix the old with the new.

"It's just a quaint place, its kind of like the places you see on like a T.V. show or something," said shop owner Shirley Clifford. Clifford and her mother started the "Make Guthrie Weird" movement to promote local artists and business in town.

Snagging the number four spot on the list: Edmond. Known as the suburb just north of Oklahoma City, it's a city where workers are currently building a $28 million safety complex.

"As we grow the feel of the city continues to grow with that but one thing we've never lost is our small-town character and our small-town feel," said Edmond spokesperson Casey Moore.

Grigson writes that Edmond has a "low crime rate of just 2,113 crimes per 100,000," and says, "of those crimes, there were only 2,012 property crimes per 100,000 people, ranking it third in this category and just 101 violent crimes per 100,000 people, ranking it No. 1 in this category."

Two murders landed Edmond lower on the list than the other crime stats would signify.

Canadian county gets to claim the top two spots with Mustang coming in at number two. The town makes a big splash despite the fact that it covers just 12 square miles

"As the chief of police I'd like to go into this community without a bullet proof vest, without carrying a gun because it's that safe," said Chief Chuck Foley. He says in reality he would need those tools if anything were to happen so he always keeps them with him, just in case.

"The crime rate was among the state's lowest; just 2,639 crimes per 100,000 people," Grigson wrote, "of these 2,639 crimes there were only 160 violent crimes per 100,000 (no murders, 22 robberies, 17 rapes, and 121 assaults) and 2,479 property crimes (508 burglaries, 1,807 thefts, and 94 vehicle thefts)."

And ringing in at number one: Yukon. People there boast it's the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county in the state

"They're coming whether we had made the number one spot or not were growing at 2 percent a year," said Yukon City Manager Grayson Bottom.

"Yukon had a total of just 2,637 crimes per 100,000 people, including 2,497 property crimes and 140 violent crimes per 100,000," wrote Grigson, "to break that down further, the property crimes included 123 vehicle thefts, 1,938 thefts, and 436 burglaries per 100,000, and the violent crimes included no murders, no robberies, 13 rapes, and 127 assaults per 100,000."

For the cities on this list the question now is how to keep the good going as they grow in popularity.

"I hope that we can stay up with all the growth. Were certainly poised to do that," Bottom said.

Top ten safest cities in Oklahoma:

1. Yukon

2. Mustang

3. Sapulpa

4. Edmond

5. Owasso

6. Guthrie

7. Broken Arrow

8. Elk City

9. Claremore

10. Guymon

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