New Custer County deputy helps in $500,000 crystal meth bust

Custer County Deputy Marcus Williams played a huge role in recovering nearly 12 pounds of meth, less than a week on the job.And it all went down during his first night shift. It started out as a routine stop for a traffic violation for Williams."He had been with us for four days," Custer County Undersheriff Kenneth Tidwell said. Just before midnight on Saturday Williams spotted a Toyota Tundra pick up truck making an improper lane change on I-40. "He was riding with a seasoned deputy," Tidwell said. Undersheriff Tidwell says deputies immediately smelled marijuana on Justin Fritz.Investigators say Fritz admitted to having a small amount of marijuana on him which gave Williams probable cause to search the vehicle."He found a glass crack pipe along with a small amount of crystal meth," Tidwell said. But the search didn't end there for Williams and his partner, a spare tire caught their attention."It was deflated and it wasn't mounted to the rim," Tidwell said. It was also unusually heavy and at first glance it appeared to be stuffed with clothes."They pulled the clothes out and could see bundles wrapped in cellophane which was later determined to be crystal meth, it was 11.82 pounds, right around half a million dollars," Tidwell said. Undersheriff Tidwell points out in law enforcement new hires are often out to prove themselves but Williams did so in the shortest amount of time he's ever seen."We are proud to have him, luck does have something to do with it but he also seems to be a pretty good officer," Tidwell said. The driver Justin Fritz faces charges of drug trafficking and possession of marijuana.
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