Rodriguez Family's Attorney demands surveillance video after in-custody death

Luis Rodriguez's wife, Nair Rodriguez can be heard screaming as she shot cell phone video of five officers holding down her husband after a confrontation outside Warren Theater in Moore.

"Please can someone tell me why you've come to this," she screamed at officers.

The video shows Rodriguez unresponsive as he was taken to the hospital. The video does not show the entire exchange between Rodriguez and the officers, but surveillance video at the Warren Theatre does.

"I think that that's really the only objective version of what happened," said Michael Rodriguez, an attorney representing the Rodriguez family.

Brooks-Jiminez says Moore Police have not turned over this surveillance video to him.

"They've been able to build a case," said Brooks-Jiminez, "but so far, they haven't been able to share the information they've based it on."

Scott Adams represents Officer Ryan Minard. Officer Minard along with Officer Joseph Bradley and Sgt. Brian Clarkston with Moore Police Department and Officer Tyler Howser and Officer Chad Strand with the Department of Wildlife were all involved in the confrontation with Rodriguez.

"I can tell you this, by viewing the cell phone video of the entire event, no officer, none of them did anything inappropriate," said Adams, "I'm confident that every one of them will be exonerated."

According to a report from Moore Police Department, Rodriguez took an aggressive stance when asked for ID during a fight investigation. Brooks-Jiminez says he took a defensive stance.

"Now you have some inconsistencies that in the report they're saying that he was standing in an aggressive manner," said Brooks-Jiminez.

Inconsistencies cited by the Rodriguez family have them urging Moore Police to show them the surveillance video.

"Once we can get an objective finding of what happened, we want justice for the family and we want to make sure Luis didn't die in vain," said Brooks-Jiminez.

Moore Police Department said from the very beginning they had nothing to hide in the investigation. OSBI has stepped in as the lead agency in the investigation.

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