Rifles and tactical gear stolen from officers in Norman

Norman Police say two of their AR-15 rifles are in the hands of thieves. The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office says they had tactical gear stolen.

Police say all of the thefts happened on the same night and everything was stolen out of the Officer's vehicles while they were parked in apartment complexes.

"The vehicles were secure, the rifles were secure and locked in," said Capt. Tom Easley from the Norman Police Department.

That security was not enough to stop a thief from breaking into two Norman Police cars and a Cleveland County Deputy's vehicle last Tuesday night.

"Small hole punched in generally the passenger window, just enough to get a hand through and unlock the doors," said Capt. Easley.

Two AR-15 rifles, a tactical helmet and bulletproof vest were taken. The burglaries happened at three apartment complexes; The Grove, The Commons and Forest Pointe, all located near OU.

"I think it's really, really scary for something like that to happen near student housing," said one OU student.

Capt. Easley says it's likely the suspect did some research and knew the guns were there. The thief also knew how to disable the locking device that held the rifles.

The incident makes students and police alike wonder what the thief has in mind. If it's money the suspect wants, Capt. Easley says the guns will be difficult to sell.

"Our rifles are unique. They have a Norman Police Department badge engraved on the magazine well. So they're going to stand out like a sore thumb."

Capt. Easley says the Officer's cars do have alarm systems on them, but he doesn't know if they actually went off. Because of the burglaries officers are no required to take their weapons out of their cars at night.