Suspect dead, officer recovering following officer-involved shooting

An Oklahoma City Police officer was injured after a fatal shooting on the city's north side. He has been treated and released from the hospital.

Police responded to the Western Food Mart, on Western and Hefner, around 12:20 Friday afternoon after an injured officer shot and killed a man.

Oklahoma City Police Captain Dexter Nelson said officers were trying to make contact with the man at the 7-Eleven across the intersection, when he ran off. Nelson said the suspect went across the street. When an officer caught up to him, the man fired.

"He turned on the officer with a firearm. He shot the officer. The officer returned fire as he went down," Nelson said.

The man died there.

Nelson would not say where the officer was hit or why officers were trying to talk with the man to begin with.

Nelson said once the man started to running, the situation became very serious.

"Whenever someone runs from the police and they are armed that's also an area of concern for us and the citizens in the surrounding area," he said.

A woman who was shopping at a Family Dollar across the street said she never saw a gun in the man's hand. Police would not confirm if the officers knew he was armed before the chase started.

"I heard the cop sirens. I looked toward 7-Eleven and at that point I saw a guy running across the street," the woman, who would only identify herself as Katrina, said. "At that point I saw the cop get out of the car with a gun drawn, running across the grass."

Other witnesses said they heard five to six gunshots.

The witnesses said they want to learn more about the incident and why the police officer had to shoot to kill.

"I just wish all of this unnecessary killing would come to an end. There's other ways to capture a suspect than to kill them in a busy neighborhood like this," Katrina said.

The homicide unit and internal investigations have opened cases on the shooting.

Nelson said there would likely be no updates on the case until Monday.

As details of the incident were released, law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma expressed their concern for a fellow officer.

Spencer Police Department posted this message to its twitter feed:
"Our thoughts and prayer's are with our OCPD brother's and the officer involved in the shooting and his family."

Oklahoma County Sheriff Public Information Officer Mark Myers tweeted that he's thinking of Oklahoma City Police as well:
"Thinking about my friends over at @okcpd as they work an officer involved shooting."

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