Report: Shawn Masters bound, beaten, strangled, and burned

Just two days after authorities arrested three people for the murder of a man found bound and burned in Logan County, new details are continuing to emerge about how he died.

According to Logan County authorities, Shawn Masters' body was found burned and bound in a Logan County field in late January. Authorities say his body was burned so badly, they were unable to identify him until March 31, two months later.

Two days after identifying Masters, authorities arrested three people for his murder and disposal of his body: Brandy Hanson, Johnny Snow, and Angel Eva Munoz. On Friday, authorities released the affidavit leading to the arrest of the trio. The following information is very graphic and could be disturbing to some readers.

Law enforcement in Logan County say his body was badly burned but there were two tattoos on his arm and chest that helped identify him. They were able to positively identify him by dental records, leading them to a home just southeast of Lake Overholser, in Canadian County.

Authorities spoke to the owner of the home who said Masters was last seen with a woman known as "Whiskey", real name Brandy Hanson. The owner also identified a man who was a good friend of Masters. That friend said the last time he saw Masters, he was with Hanson.

Officials said they interviewed her in Pittsburg County where they learned that Hanson met up with Masters and Angel Munoz at a home at 4th and Walker in Oklahoma City in early January. Hanson told police that she and Munoz borrowed a car that Masters had in his possession and were pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle, possession of a firearm, and possession of methamphetamine. Hanson said they were released from custody because the owner of the car said he knew her.

Hanson told authorities at the end of January, she and Munoz were going to Munoz's home where Masters was waiting. After they arrived, she said two men came into the home and met with Munoz in her bedroom. Hanson said a short time later, they came out of the room and began beating Masters with a baseball bat and stick. Hanson told police that one of the men told her to tie his hands behind his back with zip-ties. She said once that was done, Masters was lying face down and the men took turns beating on him.

Hanson told police Munoz then gave the men a bag of methamphetamine and the two left, taking Masters' iPhone with them. Hanson said Munoz then hit and kicked Masters again before the two women went outside and retrieved a trash can. Hanson said the two women loaded Masters into the trash can and threw things on top of him. She said Munoz then stabbed him several times with different knives while he was in the trash can.

Hanson told authorities that Masters was still alive and she could hear him moaning. She said Munoz and her then cleaned up blood in the home using bleach and water. She said Munoz was on the phone, asking someone for help to "get rid of him" and that Masters "wouldn't die". After hanging up the phone, she said Munoz began strangling him with a thin cord before it broke.

Hanson told police she contacted the third person involved, Johnny Snow, to come pick her up. She said she could hear Masters breathing inside the trash can. She told authorities when Snow arrived, the three of them left and went to Guthrie to change clothes. She said they returned with a U-Haul truck.

Hanson told authorities that Angel was being evicted and they began loading her belongings into the truck. She said that's when she noticed that Masters had stopped moving.

She told authorities that she only went along with it because she was scared. She also said Masters didn't deserve what happened to him.

The next day, officials contacted Johnny Snow in McAlester. During the interview, Snow told officials that Hanson had called her and she said she was afraid for her life. He said they stayed in a motel in Guthrie and then drove the U-haul truck to an open field near Guthrie. Snow told police he pulled the trash can out of the truck and into a brush pile. He said he then set the brush pile on fire before taking the truck back to Guthrie.

Hanson, Munoz, and Snow were all arrested on Wednesday. On Friday, the three were each formally charged with desecration of a human corpse and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Snow has a court date set for May 22. The other two do not have a court date.