Report: OSU point guard had marijuana on his lap, handed officer drugs

Marcus Caddell was allegedly driving the car when he and Clark were arrested for possession of marijuana Wednesday.

Police have released the report of what lead to the arrest of an Oklahoma State point guard on New Year's Day.

Stevie Clark was arrested by Edmond Police around 10:00 AM Wednesday after police say they found marijuana on his lap and Clark handed him a partially rolled blunt. He and the driver, 20-year-old Marcus Caddell, were both arrested and face charges of possession of marijuana. Clark is a freshman point guard on the OSU Cowboys basketball team.

The officer reported that the vehicle was pulled over because the passenger in the front seat, Clark, was not wearing a seat belt. As the officer stood next to the vehicle and explained why he pulled them over, he wrote in the report that he could see pieces of marijuana on Clark's shorts and on the seat between his legs.

The officer said he asked Clark how much marijuana he had and Clark responded with a head shake, indicating no. When the officer told Clark he could see marijuana, he said Clark reached into the map pocket of the passenger door and handed him a half-filled blunt and said that was all they had.

The officer reported he arrested Clark and placed him in the police unit. When he walked back to the vehicle, he reported Caddell told him the marijuana was his and "he did not want Clark to get in trouble". Caddell was arrested and placed in a separate vehicle.

Officers searched the vehicle and said they found more loose marijuana in the map pocket of the passenger door.

A third passenger told police they were taking Clark back to school in Stillwater. Caddell later told police they were returning Clark to basketball practice at OSU, according to the report.

The two were Mirandized and Clark said he would not speak with the officer, according to the report. Caddell agreed to talk and the officer said he again told him marijuana belonged to him and he purchased it in Oklahoma City. The report states that Caddell said he gave it to Clark so he could roll a blunt and they could smoke it as they traveled to Stillwater.

Both men were issued citations for possession of marijuana.