Report: drunk woman crashes into two Oklahoma City police cars

Jessica Ohern, 31, was arrested on DUI charged after police say she hit two parked police units Friday morning.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said a woman was arrested early Friday morning on DUI charges after they say she crashed into two police units.Police say the accident happened right around midnight Friday. Police said Jessica Ohern, 31, was headed south on Lake Hefner Parkway at NW 63rd St when she hit two cop cars.The report states two officers were working an accident on Lake Hefner Parkway. One car was on the shoulder and another was parked in the right lane, both had their red and blue lights flashing, police say. Police said Ohern sideswiped one cop car and rear-ended a second one. The investigating officers said her eyes were watery and bloodshot and she smelled strongly of alcohol. She was taken to the hospital and police asked her if she had anything to drink. The report states that she told them "You were there. Did you see me drinking?" Police said she then refused to take the state's alcohol test. PoliceShe was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail where police say they learned she had an outstanding warrant for parking in a disabled spot. The police report says that throughout the arrest and booking, she was belligerent and rude with officers.She was booked for DUI, failure to devote full time and attention, and the outstanding warrant.
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