Report: Drunk inmate challenges officers, fights off taser

Oklahoma City Police say it took a shot from a taser and three officers to subdue a man at the city's detox center.

Police say they were called to the center in the 1900 block of Linwood Blvd. just after 7:30 PM Saturday to a report of a drunk man screaming and banging on walls in a holding room at the center.

The man, later identified as 38-year-old Shytone Jones, was calm when the first officer arrived, according to the report. When the officer entered the room, he said Jones became agitated.

The officer reported he told Jones to turn around so he could handcuff him. According to the officer's report, Jones turned around but reached behind him and grabbed the officer's wrist. A struggle ensued and the officer tried taking down the man but reported that he felt mismatched with the man so he released him and backed away.

Jones is listed as 6'3", 265 lbs. The officer reports he is 5'5", 125 lbs.

According to the officer's report, he called for backup as Jones took an "aggressive stance" and made intimidating comments, challenging him to a fight. The officer said at that point, he grabbed his taser and hit him in the stomach for five seconds. The officer says the man bent over in pain but did not fall.

At that point, a second officer entered the room and said Jones continued to ignore demands to get on the ground so he could be arrested. According to the report, the man pulled one of the probes out of his stomach. The officer initiated five more seconds on his taser but said he did not have a good connection.

A third officer entered the room and the three were able to take down the man together and place him in custody. He was arrested and taken to the hospital so the remaining probe could be removed.

Jones was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for public drunkenness.