Renewed spirit after vandalism at Bridge Creek High School

Football players help clean up the damage after Bridge Creek High School is vandalized.

Students at Bridge Creek High School headed back to class on Tuesday after their school was targeted by vandals.Over the past week, school officials have been cleaning up and preparing for students to return from summer break. The Grady County Sheriff's department says the vandalism happened in early August. The football field was found covered in toilet paper and the locker and weight rooms vandalized. The vandals damaged the weight equipment, pushed over the soda machine and covered the rooms in paint and dish detergent. Click here to see pictures of the damage left behind.Students and parents say they can't believe that someone would do something like this to their school, but Bridge Creek School Superintendent David Morrow says the community is recovering. "Since the vandalism, our students have become closer, more school spirit, tighter community. And that makes us excited, because that's our ultimate goal is for school to have a lot of school spirit and be a tight-knit group of students and faculty."After the vandals hit, the school and football team got a little help from some neighbors: the Southmoore High football team.Borrow says they still have more work to do cleaning the school and are working with insurance adjusters. Grady County Sheriff's Department is still investigating.
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