Remote Area Medical comes to Oklahoma City

When is the last time you saw the dentist or had a heart screening?For many folks it's been years, but a weekend long event at the state fair grounds offered a chance to get things going in the right direction again.And it's not all about the numbers, says Tres Savage, President of the Oklahoma Branch of Remote Area Medical, but just around 1200 people got the quality healthcare they were in desperate need of this weekend.Medical, dental, and vision were all offered with no questions asked."Making a pair of glasses, of which we probably made 450 pairs, is really life changing for folks," said Savage.Treating folks with dignity and caring for their bodies means a lot.A simple teeth cleaning and filling turned a frown into a smile."I thought I would come down here and see what is all about and I'm glad I did, for the amount of people that they were doing all this great work for, it really was worth the time," said Cindy Garriogg.Worth the time for everyone involved including the doctors, dentists, and optometrists who lent to their time to R.A.M."We have seen people who have no dental insurance, people who are scared of dentists, we have seen it all and it's been a real blessing to me to be here for them," Karen Rattan said.And even some dental students who are learning first hand that a thank you is sometimes payment enough."This last patient I saw offered me dinner, he was very sweet, I told him no thank you it's my pleasure, he told me where he worked and he works a couple different places and he was just very thankful and we were able to do four fillings on him today and he was ecstatic," said Rebecca Ramos.Click here to learn more about R.A.M.
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