Red Light Nights could be demolished

Oklahoma City officials say they have been in talks with Red Light Nights Gentlemen's Club for years over not complying with zoning laws. And residents are fed up, they say feel like prisoners in their homes because of street fights, flying bullets and prostitution that spill out from the club on an almost nightly basis. "A couple of nights ago we had to call the cops because a guy was loading his shot gun right in front my house and I have two little kids.I had to call the cops for that and he just came from over there at the club," says resident Raymond Troutman. "They don't go there just to drink a beer and visit with friends they got other motives," says resident Kenneth Rasor. The city filed an injunction against Red Light Nights on May 19th and says the owners who are listed as Brenda Belflower and Elise Edwards have had ample warning. Documents show a public nuisance notice was sent out in September "Our zoning requires that there not be any strip clubs or anything like that within 500 feet of a residential area and there are homes within 500 feet," says Oklahoma City Public Information Officer Kristy Yager. The notice gave the owners ten days to take action and stop operating as a strip club. Since they haven't complied the city now has the right to close the business, put in place certain restrictions, or demolish the building all together "We've been talking to them and having issues for quite sometime," says Yager. Fox 25 has made repeated attempts to contact the Red Light Nights Gentlemen's Club but they have not yet responded.