Red Cross: Get prepared for storm season now

GFS Storm Shelters is one of a number of Oklahoma shelter companies getting busier by the day.

While we're technically still in the grips of winter, spring is around the corner, and there's no secret in Oklahoma what that means.
Storm permits are soaring right now in the metro. That trend is only likely to go up.
Kelby Brown with GFS says now's the time to think about whether a shelter is right for you.
"You may not use it but once or twice a year, but when you need it, you're not panicking and trying to think of what you're going to do, you're just able to go get in your shelter and know you're safe," Brown said.
But where to go isn't the only information you should be thinking about now.
"Now is the time to prepare, now is the time to talk about it," said Ken Garcia, Red Cross spokesman.
Ken Garcia with the Red Cross says you need a "go bag" filled with important things like water, flash lights and batteries.
But he also says get important documents handy, like IDs. Maybe most important: house documents, like deeds and insurance and lists of medications and prescriptions.
If the worst happens, that information is crucial to getting things back on the road.
And living in Oklahoma we know "storm season" is really all year long.
"Have your kit ready," Garcia said. "Make sure everything's ready to go if you have to evacuate, or get to your storm shelter, have it ready to go."

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