RAW: Rodriguez family releases video of Luis Rodriguez' arrest

The family of Luis Rodriguez has released cell phone video of the arrest of the family patriarch at a Moore movie theater.

Luis Rodriguez died in the early morning hours of Feb. 15th after he was detained at the Warren Theatre in Moore. His wife, Nair, recorded the incident on her cell phone.

Five officers were called to the parking lot on a domestic disturbance. Three are Moore Police officers, the other two are security officers at Warren Theatre.

Police reviewed the video and say the officers did not have any malicious intent. They returned the phone to Nair last week but the family waited until this week to release it.

The Video

In the video, Nair tells police she got into an altercation with her daughter day of the Luiz' death. She admits to hitting her 19-year-old daughter in the video for 'violating rules in her house'.

One officer holds Rodriguez's head down and the others are on top of him as they handcuff his hands behind his back.

As she explains what happened, she stops mid-sentence and asks if her husband is okay, saying he's not moving. She then says that police killed her husband and asks someone to tell her that he's alive as he is placed on a stretcher.

Attorney Statement

In a statement released by the family's attorney, Michael Brooks-Jiménez says the Rodriguez family went to a movie at the Warren Theatre when Nair and her teenage daughter got into an argument. Nair eventually walked to the car with Luis following to calm her down. That's when the attorney says police confronted him.

The attorney say Luis wasn't involved in the domestic disturbance that the police were called to but the officers focused their attention on him, taking him to the ground and using pepper spray on him.

Jiménez says five officers forced him down and handcuffed him as he was unconscious or possibly already dead.

Moore Police respond

The responding officers said he failed to cooperate with them and sprayed him with pepper spray before handcuffing him. Autopsy results are pending.

Police say three officers involved in the incident are on administrative leave.

The Moore Police Department asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for assistance in the investigation into his death.

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