Raw numbers: Oklahoma Counties armed by U.S. Military program

Ferguson Missouri Police dressed in riot gear, Cropped Photo Credit: KOLR / MGN Online

The events in Ferguson, Missouri has shone a bright spotlight on the number of military gear that has been given to local law enforcement by the United States military in recent years.The past week and a half in the St. Louis suburb have been full of controversy. In the wake of Michael Brown's shooting death at the hands of a Ferguson police officer, protests have turned violent as police deploy rubber bullets, tear gas, and smoke bombs.The response by the police department is gaining the attention of critics with many saying that equipping local police like armies is going too far.The distribution of military equipment started in 1990 as a way to help states and local agencies fight drug-related crime. It was expanded in the mid-1990s. In the wake of 9/11, as the Department of Homeland Security is created, the program was expanded again to help fight terror threats.There's no information yet about what other tactical equipment the Ferguson Police Department may have received, the official said, but a complete list of the equipment provided to St. Louis County by the DoD shows the types of weapons being distributed: six .45-caliber pistols, 12 rifles, two sight reflexes, one explosive ordnance disposal robot, one helicopter, seven utility trucks, three trailers, one motorized cart, one pair of elbow pads, one pair of knee pads, one industrial strength face shield, two night-vision viewers, and computers.But Ferguson is not alone when it comes to military equipment provided to local law enforcement. The New York Times mapped out the distribution of surplus gear across the country since 2006 based on information received from the Department of Defense. The data is not based on individual departments but the number of military equipment issued to law enforcement offices within each county.Using the data, we have ranked the counties in order of total number of items issued:Oklahoma County:Night vision: 800Assault rifle: 454Helicopter: 16Pistol: 16Mine-resistant vehicle: 4Shotgun: 4Plane: 2Okmulgee County:Assault rifle: 140Pistol: 72Body armor pieces: 4Armored vehicle: 2Canadian County:Assault rifle: 166Mine-resistant vehicle: 2McCurtain County:Night vision: 100Assault Rifle: 40Tulsa County:Body armor pieces: 132Night vision: 6Assault rifle: 36Mine-resistant vehicle: 4Cleveland County:Assault rifle: 116Pistol: 10Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Pontotoc County:Assault rifle: 116Pistol: 6Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Pottawatomie County:Night vision: 4Assault rifle: 100Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Craig County: Assault rifle: 56Pistol: 42Grady County:Assault rifle: 40Pistol: 40Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Garfield County: Assault Rifle: 56Pistol: 12Creek County: Assault rifle: 58Pistol: 6Cherokee County: Assault rifle: 60Mine-resistant vehicle: 2 Pittsburg County:Assault rifle: 34Pistol: 56Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Le Flore County:Assault Rifle: 36Pistol: 26Atoka County:Pistol: 30Shotgun: 6Texas County: Assault rifle: 36Logan CountyAssault rifle: 34Lincoln County: Assault Rifle: 34Osage County:Assault rifle: 16Pistol: 16Ellis County: Assault rifle: 18Pistol: 12Comanche County: Assault rifle: 22Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Night vision pieces: 2Rogers County:Assault rifle: 24Major County:Assault Rifle: 10Pistol: 10Murray County: Assault rifle: 18Jackson County:Assault rifle: 16Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Cimarron County:Pistol: 8Assault rifle: 6 Custer County:Assault Rifle: 8Shotgun: 8Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Johnston County:Pistol: 10Assault rifle: 6Coal County:Assault rifle: 6Pistol: 6Hughes County:Pistol: 12Stephens County: Assault rifle: 10Helicopter: 2Seminole County: Pistol: 10Assault rifle: 2Grant County: Assault rifle: 12McClain County:Assault rifle: 10Okfuskee County: Assault rifle: 10Payne County: Night vision: 8Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Payne County:Night vision: 8Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Mayes County: Assault rifle: 8Adair County:Assault rifle: 8Woods County: Assault rifle: 8Noble County:Assault Rifle: 6Bryan County:Helicopter: 2Night vision pieces: 2Armored vehicle: 2Delaware County:Pistol: 4Latimer County:Assault rifle: 4Roger Mills County:Assault rifle: 4Beaver County: Assault rifle: 2Pistol: 2Beckham County:Mine resistant vehicle: 2Woodward County: Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Washington County:Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Carter County:Mine-resistant vehicle: 2Not every county in Oklahoma has received military equipment. The counties not listed have not received the equipment, according to the New York Times.All information courtesy of New York Times and the Department of Defense.
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