Rapper 2 Chainz arrested in Oklahoma City: drugs found on tour bus

It was a hot topic on social media all day Thursday, the arrest of rapper 2 Chainz here in Oklahoma City. He performed a show Wednesday night at the Chesapeake Arena but ended up spending time in the Oklahoma County Jail.

Police arrested eleven people Thursday morning, all of them on 2 Chainz tour bus. Officers pulled over the bus for a broken tail light, but it turned into much more.

To see all the names of people arrested click here.

2 Chainz, or 32 year old Tauheed Epps, and 10 others on his tour bus were booked in the Oklahoma County Jail on $2,000 bond.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow from the Oklahoma City Police says the bus was pulled over around midnight on I-40 near Meridian.

"Immediately when the officer walked up to the bus said that it was apparent that there was some drug usage going on on the bus," said Sgt. Wardlow.

The bus driver got out of the bus, but he shut the door, locking 2 Chainz and everyone else inside. After refusing to get out, police made the decision to tow the bus to the police training facility on NW 8th and Portland. 2 Chainz and everyone else was still inside.

It took police 9 hours to obtain a search warrant to get into the bus. Eventually everyone was led out in handcuffs. 2 Chainz fan Lee Hollingsworth couldn't believe it when he heard.

"Really? 2 Chainz getting caught in Oklahoma over a tail light? That's kind of weird," said Hollingsworth.

SLIDESHOW: Bus pulled over, 11 arrested.

$2,000 wasn't enough to keep the band from their next gig. They posted bond and were escorted out of the jail, giving our cameras quite the show. 2 Chainz made a crude gesture with his hands and yelled out his album release date.

Oklahoma Police say they did find narcotics on 2 Chainz bus, but didn't go into detail about what drug it was.

Shortly after 2 Chainz was released he tweeted, "Don't ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus. You won't get an answer because nothing was found."

Right now all 11 people are facing charges of obstruction, however if police are able to determine who the drugs belong to, there could be more charges.