Rapper 2 Chainz arrested after tour bus stopped, drugs suspected

      Rapper 2 Chainz and 10 other men were arrested Thursday morning after the tour bus was stopped and they refused to allow police to search the vehicle without a warrant.

      2 Chainz, aka Tauheed Epps, opened for rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne Wednesday night in Oklahoma City. Around midnight, police attempted to pull over his tour bus because of a faulty taillight when the officer suspected drug use. The officer requested to search the vehicle and the bus driver locked the door.

      Police waited outside the bus for 9 hours for a warrant. Nobody on the bus left during that time. Just before 7:30 AM Thursday, the bus was towed to the police training facility at NW 8th and Portland where a warrant was served and 11 people were arrested.

      11 people were arrested for obstruction and Oklahoma City Police told FOX 25's Christine VanTimmeren that narcotics were found on the tour bus and additional charges could be filed.

      SLIDESHOW: Bus pulled over, 11 arrested.

      The 11 arrested were all booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for obstruction of a public officer:

      32-year-old Tauhed Epps (aka 2 Chainz)

      21-year-old Cedric Brooks

      52-year-old Abdullah Mujahid

      43-year-old Rory Smith

      36-year-old Jermaine Simister

      29-year-old Stethen Boykin

      32-year-old Jack Brown

      26-year-old Marshall Sudderth

      38-year-old Robert Jordan

      36-year-old Leon Smith

      28-year-old Bryan Gathii