Rain does little to dent the drought

Oklahoma got a good soaking this week, but it wasn't enough to end the drought.Near the Oklahoma River, Coach Jim Andersen is not messing around while getting these rowing competitors ready for the national championships."We're gonna bust em pretty hard for the next week," Andersen said.Up and down the river, no sign of water problems at all. Folks here say they don't need much rain to keep the river full and active for competitors and recreation alike. "There are a lot of places that have trouble with droughts and so forth and their whole rowing programs have to shut down for a year or two," Andersen said.For these rowers, this week's rain was perfect, where's there's little sign of the serious drought problems nearby.The joke used to be that you'd have to mow the Oklahoma River, now crews could very easily mow the bed of Lake Hefner. Down some 15 feet from normal and last week's rain helping very little to get things back to normal.Our weather expert Jon Slater says while we got inches of rain, it wasn't nearly enough to end drought conditions."I think we need about a foot of rain in southwestern Oklahoma, before things would get back to what we call normal and about 6 inches here in central Oklahoma," Slater said.But Slater says don't worry---Oklahoma weather can change in a heartbeat, taking us from sunny and dry to rainy and wet.Back at the river, these competitors are hoping to be just as fast as their coach races towards nationals.