Pvt. Manning seeks formal name change to Chelsea

By DAVID DISHNEAUAssociated Press
The secret-leaking Army private tried and convicted as Bradley Manning is petitioning a Kansas court for a name change to Chelsea Manning.
A Leavenworth Times legal notice says an April 23 hearing is scheduled in Leavenworth County District Court. The Fort Leavenworth prisoner filed the petition Jan. 27.
The Pvt. Manning Support Network said Wednesday it's changing its name to the Chelsea Manning Support Network.
The Associated Press has referred to Manning as Chelsea since shortly after she announced in August her desire to be known by that name and treated as a woman.
Manning has been diagnosed by at least two Army behavioral health specialists with gender dysphoria, or gender identity disorder.
The former intelligence analyst was sentenced in August to 35 years for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks.
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