Protesters, counter-protesters clash on Overpasses for America

Across the country, protesters gathered as part of Overpasses for America, to speak out against the surge of illegal immigrant children who have made it past the American border and who are now in the care of the U.S. government at places like Ft. Sill.A group in the metro took part in the rallies, protesting on I-240 and Western."America cannot sustain that, we are having trouble economically taking care of our won people, we are having trouble feeding people," Joyce Stockton said.Others in the metro saw the effort getting organized on social media and decided to come out too. But they were not on the same side."Everybody here is an immigrant. We all came from a different place. Native Americans are the only non-immigrants," counter-protester Ulises Villalobos said.When the counter-protesters decided to join the rallies on the overpass with a Mexican flag, the parties clashed. One Overpasser grabbed the flag away. Others accused the counter-protesters of being disrespectful."I'm sure you don't care and it doesn't matter, but he was trying to cover up our signs. I don't care if he was here first, he had no right to try to cover our signs," an Overpasser said after the argument.