Prosecutors continue investigating missionary

19-year-old Matthew Durham is charged with 4 counts of leaving the country to engage in "illicit sexual conduct."

In a federal court filing, agents say Durham volunteered with the Upendo Children's Home in Kenya.

It reads that "in early June 2014, the live-in caretaker at Upendo began to notice odd behavior... and found Durham late at night lying beside some of the children..."

When the live-in caretaker asked Durham about it, the "children stated Durham often touched them in a sexual manner" and goes on to describe acts with several children.

Durham's attorney says the claims are preposterous.

"It's too wild, even for Hollywood," said attorney Stephen Jones.

Jones says Durham was held for days and never actually spoke with law enforcement or the embassy. All the claims come from the caretaker.

"The interviews range from threatening, to buying his lunch, to praying with him, to calling him a devil, and that if he didn't remember doing this, it must be because the devil is in him," Jones said.

Agents with the case say in the court filings that they aren't releasing everything about this case and continue to investigate the possibility of other victims.

The US attorney's office today says it encourages anyone with information to contact them and local law enforcement.

Child abuse groups say now's the time for anyone with information to come forward.

"It's crucial that every single parent say to their child, 'did you spend time with this accused individual?'," said David Clohessy with Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Durham was a volunteer with junior high wrestling students in Edmond from October 2013 to February 2014.

"He was never alone with students one-on-one. There was always certified personnel with him," said Edmond Schools public information officer Susan Parks-Schlepp.

Jones says Durham is a good kid who just got caught up in a bad situation. He says they'll continue to vigorously fight the charges.

The Upendo Home says it's cooperating with the investigation, but has no other comment.

Durham's next court appearance is August 1.

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