Ponca City drive-in gets one last movie showing

It's been a long time since these gates at the Airline Drive-In have been open for anyone to see a movie on the big screen.The old projector sits outside the old projection room, which is full of old movie reels.But there's a lot of new energy... over one last film.It started with Doyle Brewer, who runs "The House FM". He drove by the land and left a note for the owner."I just wanted to talk to him about a dream I had about opening it one more time," Brewer said.So he got to work, planning the big event, which took a lot of work."If you would've seen this place, even the old ticket booth it was just totally covered in trees and just and everything has been cleaned up everywhere." Using some new technology to project on some... not so new technology... for a few final nights... a relic will come alive.For many folks here, this is the last time they'll see this screen standing before they demolish it and put in a housing addition. For them, it's a chance to relive a little of the past and bring the present generation to it.Using FM radio, the cars can tune into the movie.And while the movie may be a new release, the whole experience is a trip back in time,"My wife and I used to come out here to the drive ins and we used to come out here all the time, and watch movies and stuff, and when they closed it, it was kind of sad, but, being the last go-round, it's kind of a special deal to come back," said Mel Powell.The movie being shown is "God Is Not Dead" and showings will go through the weekend at dark.
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