Police: woman set up camp inside Old Navy, walked out with merchandise

Police say they're trying to find a woman who hid inside an Old Navy store and waited until everyone left before doing some late night shopping.

On Monday, July 15, Edmond Police say they were called to Old Navy on Bryant Avenue to follow up on an alarm call. The initial alarm call came around 10:45. Officers arrived and found the front door unlocked. The store manager was called who was adamant that she had locked the store before leaving for the night. After the first call, the store manager wanted to return to check out the surveillance footage.

As police and the store manager scanned the videos, they spotted a white female who had hidden somewhere in the store before closing and didn't come out until all employees had left and closed the store for the night. In the footage, the woman could be seen leaving with an Old Navy shopping bag filled with merchandise. Police say she unlocked the front door and walked out.

The woman was first spotted walking into the store at 2:30 p.m. that day and didn't leave until 7 hours later, at 9:45.

Anyone with information is asked to call Edmond Police.