Police: woman arrested for DUI; had 4-month-old in the car

Julie Singletary was arrested on New Year's Day for DUI and child endangerment after police say she crashed a vehicle into a cement barricade with a 4-month-old in the car.

Oklahoma City Police say they arrested a woman on New Year's Day for DUI and other charges after they say she crashed her car into a concrete barrier on I-35.Police say they were called to a one-car accident in the 4500 block of S. I-35 around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. They say the car hit a concrete barrier.Police arrested the driver, 37-year-old Julie Singletary for DUI and child endangerment. According to police, the state was also owed taxes on the vehicle.According to police, a 4-month-old girl was inside the car when they arrived. She was unhurt and was placed in protective custody.