Police suspect drugs onboard 2 Chainz tour bus, 9 hour standoff

Oklahoma City police arrest several people following a 9 hour standoff with a tour bus. Sources say members of the rap group 2 Chainz may have been on board.

It all started with a traffic stop around midnight near I-40 and Meridian. Police tell us the officer suspected drug activity onboard the bus and ordered everyone out. Someone then locked the bus and refused to leave, holding police at bay for nine hours.

SLIDESHOW: Bus pulled over, 11 arrested.

According to TMZ, the bus was pulled over around midnight because its taillights were out but when officers approached the vehicle, they reported signs of drug use and wanted to board the bus. That's when the driver locked the door.

After several hours, Oklahoma City police towed the bus to the police training facility at NW 8th and Portland, and according to TMZ, there were still people on board the bus at that time.

Around 9:00 am, officers obtained a search warrant and entered the bus where they arrested several people. There were several attorneys on the scene but would not say who they were representing.

Police arrested 11 people, including the bus driver, on state misdemeanor charges of obstruction.

TMZ reports Lil Wayne and T.I., who are also on tour with 2 Chainz, left the city before the bus was pulled over.

Oklahoma City Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Wardlow tells FOX 25 they expect to release the names of the people arrested around 1:00 PM Thursday.