Police smelled marijuana, saw smoke on 2 Chainz' tour bus

2 Chainz' tour bus is searched by Oklahoma City police

Oklahoma City Police say 2 Chainz' tour bus was held up for nine hours because officers who pulled it over reported they could smell marijuana coming from the bus.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney filed a probable cause affidavit Tuesday with details as to why the officers detained the bus for 9 hours.

According to affidavit, the responding officer was heading west on I40 between Portland and Meridian just before midnight on August 21 when he spotted the bus with faulty taillights on the passenger side.

SLIDESHOW: Bus pulled over, 11 arrested.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and approached the passenger side of the bus, that's when the bus driver, Sedric Brooks, got off. As Brooks climbed out of the bus, the officer said he could spell an overwhelming odor of marijuana and could see smoke inside the bus around the door.

The officer said he told Brooks to get back in the bus, but once he did, he said Brooks locked the door and would not allow the officer on the bus. The officer explained that since he could smell marijuana he had probable cause to enter the bus.

When more officers arrived on scene, they once again tried to enter the bus but found a passenger, Abdullah Mujahid, sitting next to the locked door inside the bus. Officers ordered Mujahid to open the bus but say he shook his head and then held up a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Police called the District Attorney to get a search warrant and, as they waited, towed the vehicle to a police lot. Police say all 11 men ignored a final order to exit the bus and remained on board as it was towed.

At 9:20 AM on August 22, police obtained a search warrant and the 11 men on board exited the bus.

The 11 arrested were all booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for obstruction of a public officer:

32-year-old Tauhed Epps (aka 2 Chainz)
21-year-old Cedric Brooks
52-year-old Abdullah Mujahid
43-year-old Rory Smith
36-year-old Jermaine Simister
29-year-old Stethen Boykin
32-year-old Jack Brown
26-year-old Marshall Sudderth
38-year-old Robert Jordan
36-year-old Leon Smith
28-year-old Bryan Gathii

Oklahoma Police say they found narcotics on the bus, but didn't go into detail about what drug it was.

Shortly after 2 Chainz was released he tweeted, "Don't ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus. You won't get an answer because nothing was found."