Police Recover $80,000 Worth of Stolen Property

Officials in Cleveland County are hoping the public may recognize some personal items after they recovered $80,000 in stolen property.

Cleveland County Sheriff's deputies said they recovered the property at a residence in Noble where they arrested one man in connection to the crimes. James Newsom, 23, was arrested Jan. 8 on charges of burglary and larceny. Deputies say they linked Newsom to several crimes in Cleveland, Lincoln, and Pottawatomie Counties.

According to authorities, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office tipped off Cleveland County deputies about a vehicle Newsom was driving. Lincoln County said the car was involved in an attempted burglary in Meeker on Jan. 7 and was registered to home in Noble.

Deputies spoke with the vehicle's owner who they said knew Newsom but determined the owner was not involved in the alleged crime in Lincoln County. Deputies said the owner did tell them that Newsom had parked several items on the property including trailers, mowers and other items.

Investigators say the items were stolen and they confiscated them all, most of which have been returned to their rightful owners. Authorities then interviewed Newsom and said they identified some victims of the crimes but are still looking for the remaining owners.

Canadian County Sheriff Joe Lester said victims of burglary or larceny crimes in his county should call the sheriff's office at 701-8888 and ask for a detective.