Police: Peeping Tom spied on woman in shower at OKC RV park

Oklahoma City Police say they are looking for a man suspected in a peeping tom incident at an RV resort. Police say the suspect spied on a woman while she was showering.Police say they were able to identify the man in this suspected peeping tom case because of security footage at the Twin Fountains RV Resort. Police say footage from the resort's laundry room shows the suspect jumping onto a washing machine and climbing up to the rafters. Investigators think he was trying to look into the ladies restroom next door. When that didn't work, Police say he spied on the woman from inside the bathroom.Dow McCarty, owner of Twin Fountains, says security is of paramount concern for his tenants. He has plans in the works to create gate access to the resort and he keeps record of every person in the park. He also has cameras mounted all around the main office building, and keypads to open bathroom doors."No matter how good you got security, people can still figure out a way to get through," McCarty said.He says that's exactly what happened in late July. McCarty says a woman was using the community shower when a man came in a started spying on her."She was showering and she just had an eerie feeling and she looked down and she saw his face looking underneath the shower stall."Police believe the suspect is 35 year old Howard Payton. McCarty says up until the incident Payton was staying at the resort."Got to be nuts. He has got to be nuts," McCarty said.The police report says the woman told police she heard someone come into the bathroom but didn't think anything of it until, the report says, she noticed the shower curtain was slightly open and screamed when she saw a man's face sticking out from under the adjoining toilet stall."This place is always brimming with people, and it's surprising to me that someone would be that brazen," McCarty said."I would be furious if I knew he was doing that to my granddaughters or my daughter," one resort resident said.Police say the suspect ran off after the woman screamed and now a warrant has been issued for Payton's arrest on suspected peeping tom."He's sick, definitely, and they do need to find him."McCarty says three additional cameras have been installed since the incident, including one that points directly at the women's restroom door.
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