Police: panhandling sex offender arrested for lewd acts in SW Oklahoma City

Gary Thomas, Jr, was arrested Sunday night after callers say he was touching himself at I44 and Penn while panhandling. Image courtesy: Oklahoma County Sheriff.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said a homeless man was arrested Sunday night for public drunkenness, lewd acts, and public indecency.Police say they arrested Gary Thomas, Jr., 51, Sunday night around 9 o'clock.According to the police department, they were called to the eastbound off-ramp of I44 at the Penn exit. Police said the callers told them they saw Thomas laying on the right side of the road about five feet from the car.The callers told police they thought the man was asleep when he suddenly moved and undid his belt and then put his hand down his pants. They said they believed the man was masturbating.When police arrived, they said his pants were still undone and his genitals were visible from ten feet away. The officer on the scene said Thomas was asleep when they showed up. The officer said he told Thomas to button his pants but the man failed to zip the zipper. Police said the man had a Styrofoam cup and a cardboard sign that read "I got a vision of a cheeseburger."Police arrested him and put him in the cop car. That's when the background search returned and showed that he was a registered sex offender.
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