Police: Oregon teens torture classmate, cut swastika into his head

Three teenagers accused of torturing another teenager in a backyard shed appeared in court Wednesday.

The three teenagers are being tried as adults on Measure 11 crimes, which will mean mandatory sentences if they are convicted.

Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, and Blue Kalmbach, 15, face a long list of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, assault and menacing. Another teenager, a 14-year-old boy, is charged as a juvenile.

The 14-year-old is described as the ring-leader.

The target of the teens is a 14-year-old that they perceived as a bully. Sources say that the teens targeted their victim in what they believed would be an act of revenge.

How was he a bully?

Sources say that the attackers were upset because their victim called another student "gay" on Facebook.

"He's not exactly a Sunday School model either," said one source who added that the victim admits to using drugs regularly -- as do his attackers. "At the same time, no one deserves what happened to him."

Taylor was the only one who showed any emotion in court; he appeared to tear up when he looked over at his loved ones who were there to support him.

None of the kids' family members would talk to reporters as they left court.

The three teens are accused of torturing 16-year-old Dustyn Murrain in a Southeast Portland backyard shed last week. They are accused of acts of violence that included carving a swastika into Murrain's forehead.

The teenagers are classmates at David Douglas High School. According to some students there, the school hasn't addressed the situation in any way.

The judge warned all three suspects not to contact the victim in any way. She specified to each teen, after their charges were read, they were not to call, email, text or use social media to reach out to Murrain, whether or not they remain in custody.

A public defender for Blue Kalmbach told reporter Anna Canzano the teens will stay in juvenile detention at least until they are evaluated for pre-trial release.

Murrain's mother told KATU News Wednesday morning that they thought about coming to court so the teens would have to face him, but in the end they decided he should focus right now on his recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Kelli Murrain said her son has a silicon patch on his forehead where the swastika was carved. It's not clear whether it will scar. Reporter Anna Canzano heard from a Portland-area attorney this week who is offering, along with a friend, to pay for whatever plastic surgery Murrain might need to remove the mark from his face.