Police: Oklahoma City man dies from bat attack at softball game

Eric and Armond Noyola

The Oklahoma City Police Department says a man attacked after a softball game at a sports complex in SE Oklahoma City has died from his injuries.Police say Richard Betancur was attacked while watching a softball game at Boomer Sports Complex in SE Oklahoma City Saturday afternoon. On Thursday, police said Betancur died from his injuries.Police said they were called to the complex near I240 and Sunnylane Rd Saturday around 4:30 to a report of a fight. They arrived and were approached by a man asking for help and saying people at the complex were wanting to fight him. Oklahoma City Police said witnesses told them that the man who approached them had attacked another man at the complex with a softball bat. He was later identified as Eric Noyola and was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.Noyola's brother, Armondo, was also taken into custody for public drunkenness. The brothers were released earlier in the week, before Betancur died from his injuries. Oklahoma City Police say they expect charges for the brothers to be amended.