Police: Oklahoma City church burglarized twice in five days

Oklahoma City Police say a church was burglarized two times in five days and they could be linked to a fire at the church.Police said they were first called to Western Heights Baptist Church in the 4800 block of N Western Ave on May 23.According to police, the pastor told them that a soundboard was missing from the church and the man they believed to be responsible was caught on camera the day before. Police say the video shows a white man walk up to the church and walk in through the southwest doors. The pastor of the church said the building is under construction and the doors on the southwest side were left unlocked.On May 27, police were called back to the church on a report of another burglary report. The pastor said the the suspect got into the church, however, nothing was listed as being stolen on the police report.The pastor told police he believes it to be the same man and it may be involved with a recent fire to the church.