Police: OK Senator found passed out in car, arrested

Sen. Bryce Marlatt

An Oklahoman state senator faces misdemeanor charges after police say he was behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Republican Senator Bryce Marlatt is charged with being in actual control of his vehicle while intoxicated after a sheriff's deputy said they found him asleep in his running pick up truck on a country road. A Woodward County deputy knocked three times on the window of the truck to wake up the 37-year-old senator, say police.

Officers say he smelled like alcohol when he rolled down the windows. When asked if he'd been drinking, police say Marlatt replied : "No more than anyone else."

Marlatt's attorney said in a statement that Marlatt had taken a prescription sleep aid and had an alcoholic drink, but stopped driving when he realized he was impaired.

Marlatt was charged Tuesday in Woodward County after his arrest early Tuesday morning. He reportedly pled not guilty.

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