Police officer goes above and beyond duty for teen

Cameron Simmons and Officer Gaetano Acerra

A South Carolina police officer went above and beyond the call of duty for a 13-year-old boy after hearing his heartbreaking story.A few weeks ago, 13-year-old Cameron Simmons called Sumter police because he was upset after fighting with his mom. The teenager told police he didn't want to live in the house with his family anymore.Officer Gaetano Acerra was the officer who got the call."I said, 'You have it good, you have a roof over your head,'" said Acerra. "I told him I would try to help him out, and here we are now." The officer took Simmons home, and realized that while the boy had a roof, he didn't have a real bed. In fact, Simmons didn't have nearly anything he needed for a bedroom."My heart went out for him," said Acerra. "I thought the little things that he needed I could give him, to make him a happier kid."And give he did. A few weeks later, Acerra showed up with a truck full of everything needed."Bed, TV, desk, chair, a Wii game system that somebody donated to me because of the story I told them," said Acerra.Simmons is now sleeping like a king in a queen-sized bed and he told Acerra that now his back won't hurt anymore."I didn't do this for publicity or to get people to notice me," Acerra said. "I did it because I could. It was the right thing to do and I think people should do things like this."Officer Acerra said he has gained more than some pats on the back; he's gained a friend.Acerra gave Simmons his cell phone number, and told him to call anytime."I put a smile on this kids face, and a friendship. I think that's well worth it."Acerra plans to bring Simmons more bedroom furniture, including a dresser and mirror.
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