Police: man arrested after crime spree in SW Oklahoma City

An Oklahoma City man will spend his 55th birthday in jail after police say he stole a truck, crashed it, ran from the scene, used a cigarette lighter in place of a gun to threaten a woman, burglarized a home, and then threatened the people inside when police knocked.

Police say they arrested 54-year-old Phillip Martin Smith Thursday morning after they say he committed the crimes all in the same SW Oklahoma City neighborhood.

Police were called to SW 28th and Agnew on Dec. 26 just after 8:30 AM to a hit and run accident. One of the victims told police she heard an accident at SW 29th and Agnew. She said shortly after the crash, a man walked into her backyard and as she turned to see who it was, she said he grabbed her arm and pushed a solid object into her back.

The victim said the man told her he had a gun and would kill her while demanding her car keys. When she told him she didn't have a car, he ran from the scene. She told police she got a good look at the man and would be able to identify him. She said he ran to a house two doors to the west.

Police say when Smith got the second home, he rummaged through their belongings. When confronted, the two victims say Smith picked up a butcher knife and demanded keys to a truck and money.

During the confrontation, police began knocking on the door, according to the report. They said Smith initially told them not to answer the door but then instructed one of the men inside to tell police to go away and "everything was okay."

Instead, police say the man opened the door and yelled "officer, he is right here" and then pointed out Smith before moving out of the way. The officer pulled his gun because they believed him Smith to be armed. The police report states Smith had a jacket over his right arm and held at an angle as if he was concealing a handgun.

When Smith turned from the officer, the jacket fell, revealing a green cigarette lighter in his hand. The officer took him into custody.

Police say the truck Smith was driving when he was involved in the accident was stolen just before 7:00 AM Thursday. The victims in the accident said Smith tried to restart the truck but when it failed, he took off on foot.

Smith was arrested and faces several two charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three charges of attempted robbery with imitation of a firearm, burglary, two charges of kidnapping, leaving the scene of an accident, and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Smith turns 55 on Saturday.

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