Police: Man and woman found passed out in car at OKC intersection, child found in car

Jennifer Hamilton

Police say two people are in custody after they were found passed out inside of a car at NW 39th and Portland Saturday.

Oklahoma City Police say they were called to the intersection just after midnight Saturday morning. When police pulled up, they found a man who was later identified as Joshua Welliver, 30, in the driver's seat. A woman, Jennifer Hamilton, 28, was found in the passenger's seat. They also found an 8-year-old in the back seat. All three were unresponsive when police pulled up.

The officer said he tried waking them up several times but nobody responded to his knocking. The back window was down so the officer reached inside, tapped Welliver on the shoulder and told him to wake up and he still would not wake up. A second officer arrived and banged on the roof of the car loud enough to wake up both the man and woman.

The officer told the driver to put the car in park, but according to the officer, Welliver smiled at him and did not attempt to park the car. The officer said his eyes were red and bloodshot when he looked at him. He once again told Welliver to park the car and get out and he complied.

When Welliver got out of the car, the officer said he was unsteady and he could smell alcohol on his breath. Welliver refused a blood test and was placed in the back of the police car.

The other officer on scene saw what he thought to be marijuana in the passenger's door handle. Police arrested the woman, Hamilton, and began searching the car. They found a purse in the back seat that Hamilton said was hers. When police searched it, they found a metal pipe with burnt residue.

Welliver is charged with a felony DUI, child endangerment, obstructing the flow of traffic, and not having a driver's license. Hamilton is charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

The 8-year-old, who is not the son of either of the suspects, was taken into protective custody.